The new year is a time when we all strive to be a little better. We gathered some anonymous resolutions for 2023 from our feline and canine companions to share with humans today. 

Cat: I will attempt to howl a little less loudly at 3 a.m. However, I will still tear around the house. That is non-negotiable. 

Dog: I will not assume that every person delivering mail or packages is a villain who has come to perform nefarious acts and must be destroyed. 

Cat: I will try not to walk on my human’s face. I will, however, walk upon their neck and other soft parts. 

Dog: I will try not to wrap my leash around trees and then cry when I get stuck because I am silly. 

Cat: I will try not to jump onto my human’s soft spots in the middle of the night. I will walk on them, though. 

Dog: I will try not to fart directly onto my human when relaxing with them on the couch. 

Cat: I will try not to put my claws into my human’s behind when they are a few seconds slow on preparing my meals. 

Dog: I will do the adorable head tilt at least once a day to gladden my human’s heart. 

Cat: I will try to express displeasure in healthier ways than pooping on the kitchen counter. 

Dog: The groomer is my friend. The groomer is my friend. The groomer is my friend. The groomer is not an evil being sent to torment me. 

Cat: I will not steal the dog’s bed. By this I mean that I will move a few inches off center. This should allow the Labrador ample space to deposit his 60lb body. 

Dog: I will stand up for myself when the cat steals my bed. By this I mean that I will look plaintively at my human and hope that they will remove the cat. 

Cat: I promise to do pats with my paw instead of going into full bite mode when I have had enough petting. I will probably break this resolution. 

Dog: I will try to be subtle about smelling guests’ behinds when my humans have people over. 

Cat: I will only knock things onto the floor that I know are not breakable. Plastic cups of water, not glass. 

Dog: I will not take food off of my human’s plate. Dropped or spilled food is still fair game. This is known. 

Cat: I will not jump up on the desk and show my human’s Zoom meeting my butt. At least, not until the end. 

Dog and Cat: We promise to love our humans the best way we can. For our holidays, we wish for warm homes, full bellies, and kind human hands for all our brothers and sisters. 
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Sarah Wright, Paw Pet Pantry guest blogger

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