Our heart is where hungry dogs & cats are.

A few things we’re great at

We excel at providing a solution for hungry pets in our community. Here are some of the touching stories we’ve been a part of:

tom’s story

We met Tom who had a group of 5 cats who were desperately hungry. We were able to provide enough food to last for a month.

sarah’s story

Sarah’s been finding stray dogs and helping them get re-homed for the last year. Here’s how we were able to help.

George’s story

George has rescued dogs and cats over the last 8 years. Now he is a valued volunteer at our Paw Pet Pantry.

isaac’s story

Isaac found us through a volunteer who helped bag dog food with us recently. He is now a regular volunteer every week.

Our Volunteers In Action

Thank you to our valued volunteers who help serve our community. 

Community Partners

We are grateful for our community support!

Doobert logo
Chris Roy

I love Theresa’s vision for helping pets and the people that love them. We are glad to partner with Paw Pet Pantry to support their work.


Sarah Writes logo
Sarah Writes

Furred, feathered, or scaled, our pets are family. I support Paw Pet Pantry’s work to keep them healthy. 


Brighton Chamber of Commerce logo
Brighton Chamber of Commerce

Together with Paw Pet Pantry, the Brighton Chamber of Commerce looks forward to spreading awareness for all non-profit Chamber members.


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    Paw Pet Pantry News

    Sharing ways we can make our community better!

    It’s just past Halloween, and the kids have returned home with bags bulging with candy and other treats. It’s fine for humans to indulge every now and then, but there are lots of things we put in our mouths that can sicken or even kill a […]
    Summer is a great time for pets that spend time outside—there’s warm sunshine to help them get Vitamin D, there’s grass to run around on, squirrels to chase, and all sorts of neat smells.  But summer carries its own dangers.  Today, we’ve got some tips to […]
    Have you ever seen a cat sauntering around your neighborhood with the tip of one ear snipped off?  Not the kind of wound you might see on a seasoned street campaigner, but a clean cut turning a triangle into an almost-rectangle.  What does that mean?  That […]