Our heart is where hungry dogs & cats are.

A few things we’re great at

We excel at providing a solution for hungry pets in our community. Here are some of the touching stories we’ve been a part of:

tom’s story

We met Tom who had a group of 5 cats who were desperately hungry. We were able to provide enough food to last for a month.

sarah’s story

Sarah’s been finding stray dogs and helping them get re-homed for the last year. Here’s how we were able to help.

George’s story

George has rescued dogs and cats over the last 8 years. Now he is a valued volunteer at our Paw Pet Pantry.

isaac’s story

Isaac found us through a volunteer who helped bag dog food with us recently. He is now a regular volunteer every week.

Our Volunteers In Action

Thank you to our valued volunteers who help serve our community. 

Community Partners

We are grateful for our community support!

Our company loves supporting Paw Pet Pantry’s mission!

Kim Thomas

Company name

Our company loves supporting Paw Pet Pantry’s mission!

PPP man
Jonathan Williams

Company name

Our company loves supporting Paw Pet Pantry’s mission!

Jana Grace

Company name

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    Paw Pet Pantry News

    Sharing ways we can make our community better!

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    The struggle is real.  You know, it’s where dogs and cats (while caring for them is one of life’s greatest pleasures) leave hair everywhere.  You vacuum, dust and clean only to see new tumbleweeds of hair rolling across the floor.  I go out to a meeting and look down […]
    It hardly seems fair that us humans should have all the ice cream to ourselves when the heat of summer hits.  But before you share a scoop of the good stuff with your dog, think about the high sugar and additives; our delicious freezer goodies aren’t always […]