The struggle is real.  You know, it’s where dogs and cats (while caring for them is one of life’s greatest pleasures) leave hair everywhere.  You vacuum, dust and clean only to see new tumbleweeds of hair rolling across the floor.  I go out to a meeting and look down to find beautiful strands of dog and cat hair firmly attached to my skirt.

So, if you’re finding hair everywhere in your home, read on for tips on how to manage the fur-fetti.

Groom regularly.  Brush regularly using brushes and combs designed for coat type.  Keep those pet hair removal tools handy!

Vacuum Daily.  This is one of the best ways to prevent hair from building up excessively.  No time?  Consider investing in a Roomba or similar robot vacuum cleaner.

Clean Bedding.  Because hair sticks, you’ll want to launder all bedding at least once a week.  Make sure to shake out as much of the hair as you can before putting in the washer. And don’t forget to clean the collected fur from your dryer’s lint screen after each load.

Sweep or Mop Floors.  Sweep or vacuum hair away daily from your hardwood floors before it has a chance to build up.  Make sure to use a pet hair removal broom that features soft, scratch-proof rubber bristles.  

Don’t Forget to Dust.  You may find hair on hard surfaces such as tables and shelves.  And don’t forget to wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters with a damp cloth to collect hair.

Air Cleaners.  Make sure to change your air filters regularly.

Put Clean Clothing Away.  And after you wash your clothes be careful where you fold them.  It’s tempting to dump the laundry basket on a surface where your pet may like to lay (like your bed) and the hair immediately gets on your clean clothes.

And what would closing out a blog post about pet hair be without a fun fact or two so here you go:


  • Every square inch of dog skin contains approximately 15,000 strands of hair!


  • The average cat has more than 130,000 hairs for every square inch of their body!


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