Paw Pet Pantry 4.5 Tips on What to Look for When Adopting a Dog from a Rescue

Are you considering adopting a dog from a Rescue?  If so, here are 4.5 simple tips:

  1. Make safety a priority for yourself, your family, and your new rescue dog by working with a Rescue that holds dogs for two weeks or more.  It can take about that much time to assess history, medical needs, behavior, and temperament. 
  2. Choose a dog that matches your current activity level.  A dog that is high energy that is not getting enough exercise will not burn off enough energy every day and could become destructive.  This can also go both ways in that if you are an active person you will want to get a dog that can keep up with your high energy lifestyle. 
  3. If you’re not sure whether the new dog you’ve chosen is right for your family and lifestyle, consider fostering before making the commitment.  Fostering is a great way to learn how your current dog/cat, and your children handle a new dog.
  4. Be committed to the dog once you’ve chosen adoption.  Generally, it takes two weeks for the dog to adapt to their new environment, another two weeks to see their personality and at least six months for the dog to fully adapt.

4.5.   Be honest about your current limitations.  Do you have a dog that is more dominant and snarkier?  Do you have birds in the house?  The more information you can give to the Rescue about your current living situation the better.

Thank you to Woof2Hoof Rescue for sharing their expertise with us!  Connect with them on Facebook


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